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Miss Emma Reece BSc (Hons), MRCSLT, MHCPC, MASLTIP

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I'm Emma Reece and I'm an independent Specialist Speech and Language Therapist for children.  I am based in Southport and provide services in the North West of England.

I graduated from Strathclyde University in 1999 with a BSc. in Speech and Language Pathology and have been working as a Speech and Language Therapist ever since.

Before becoming an independent Specialist Speech and Language Therapist I worked within the NHS for over 17 years providing speech and language therapy for children and young people with a range of speech, language, and communication difficulties, with a specialism in Autism Spectrum Conditions. 

I provide a  person centred service to improve the skills needed to help your child to communicate more effectively.

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Do you feel that your child has difficulty with playing, social skills, attention and listening, talking, or understanding what you are saying?  Then ASK Emma

You can contact me by telephone, text message or email.  I will reply to messages within 24 hours.

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